diabetes blog week: day 2

to be quite honest, i’m not keen on admitting this… B….U….T…. what i choose not to share is often my pain. i want to be strong. for my family, for my self, for my future. i share my trials when i’m past them. i suppose i do not share while feeling hurt because i know […]

i’ve got no strings to hold me back

last week i announced my acceptance to graduate school. still over the moon about getting to see diabetes through a research lens, i have created a website to begin my path toward a career in participatory community research. so begins, the study of us. so, remember the ask from that blog post? i ASKED you […]


if you find yourself on twitter today, err i mean GO TO TWITTER DANGNIT look out for the hashtag #IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes… this spinoff from the trending #IWishMyTeacherKnew was thought up by the wonderful diabetes community advocate, kelly kunik. i’ll be all over twitter (and Facebook) (and instagram) sharing what i wish people knew about diabetes and […]

until now

it has been about six weeks since the diabetes unconference happened. i have held off from writing about it because even now, i’m not sure it is fully digested. yes, it was amazing. yes, the people who attended were inspiring. yes, we covered a LOT of topics relating to diabetes. yes, it should’ve lasted longer, […]

good news AND an ask

have you ever felt an immediate need to share upon the receipt of good news? you: got a promotion, or were selected to win an award, or found out your blood work came back showcasing the rigor with which you tried to improve your health since your last visit to the doctor. maybe you reached […]

happiness is a warm gun

jesse (pictured above) just leaned over from his desk, parting from his lecture slide review, to ask, how do you respond to, ‘uncontrolled diabetic.’ with a bug-eyed expression, i replied, ‘not well at all.’ he went on to explain that in his class, the phrase is everywhere. he has been by my side long enough […]

how am i the lucky one?

i’ve written about waiting before. like september 17th 2013, i am now waiting. the life-on-hold- kind of waiting. i’ve even taken to scientific versions of self help books. positivity by barbara fredrickson authentic happiness by martin seligman flourish by martin seligman happier by tal ben-shahar stuck in a waiting rut, however, what has calmed me […]

our love saves lives

i love to love. i feel good when i love, and i love accepting love. AND i love that i love love. so much love happening, someone get me a picture of a puppy. ahh, that’s better. so, valentine’s day. the opportunity to show someone just HOW MUCH you love them. how will you show […]