what’s up?

My name is heather, and i’m a diabetic.

It happened when i was eleven and from there you know the drill. Shots, shots, shots, pump, shots, pump, pump, pump.

i guess you can say i’m all about it. My job, my passion, my life. Diabetes, Diabetes, Diabetes.

Here, i’ll be showing you how and where the big D catches me off guard. i think you will be as surprised by the ‘unexpected blues’ as i was when i began photographing the occurrences. That awkward moment where you see something completely unrelated to a major part of your life that somehow reminds you of that part of your life.

Why blue? It’s the everywhere diabetes color and well, you’ll see.

Maybe ‘meta’ isn’t the best word to use. But, you get me, right?


6 thoughts on “what’s up?

  1. Love your blogs from Diabetes Blog Week – whenever I find the time to get around to blogging our last topic – for our fav blogs – you get two thumbs up (or should I say “claws”. BTW, love the name of your pug … Lancet!

  2. I really love the raw emotion that jumps out at me as I read your entries. Very inspiring. I will continue to follow your journey. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your blog! Just came upon it. So artistic. You are in health psychology? I am a psychologist in Canada and see PWD (and am T1 myself) Email me if you want to chat at all 🙂

  4. Dear Heather,

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