our love saves lives

i love to love. i feel good when i love, and i love accepting love. AND i love that i love love. so much love happening, someone get me a picture of a puppy. ahh, that’s better. so, valentine’s day. the opportunity to show someone just HOW MUCH you love them. how will you show […]

just around the river bend

i’ve been hand-writing blog posts. secrets abounding, and projects evolving. life secrets. dream secrets. all the secrets. one of my best friends, mike lawson, told me about how easy it is to give up on an idea if you allow yourself to get credit for it too early into it’s development. he said, ‘as soon […]

and everything he sees is blue

big blue test time is one of my favorite times of the year. an external reason to get my blood pumping and exercise. today, i submitted two big blue tests and it wasn’t as challenging as i thought it would be. it wasn’t as grueling as i imagined. in fact, it felt really…good. today i […]

sun, sun, sun, here it comes

in the wake of the great and powerful stanford medicine x conference, i want to share with you a recent trip i took. it all started in the bar where i tend. i’m doing my thing at sleepy dog brewery, pouring and delivering beers, when a woman walks in. erica. she has been in before, […]

something only we know

welcome to medicine x. you, sit in a room filled with powerful, strong headed people living with life circumstances you really can only begin to imagine and you listen. you try and be a sponge while also lending hugs and handshakes, you might meet the same person five times. load up your twitter, tweetdeck, tweetchat, […]

the lion sleeps tonight

a1c a1c, here we go again. feeling a little stuck: habit changes, diet changes, exercise additions a1c same same same. i know nothing as demoralizing as changing your diabetes habits and not seeing any diabetes change. it is like trying to dig a hole in cement with a rubber shovel. stressful and even while putting […]


try not to see yourself in the pathology. i’m pulling out my old books and some new ones as i delve back in to the kind of diabetes research that stimulates my need-to-do-good faculties. reading and reading: remembering not to ruminate to find meaning to seek benefit to stress less to write more. this morning […]

don’t you want somebody to love?

patient and waiting for the chance to ask, a woman in the back stands to say “my patients are asking, ‘why me?’ and i don’t know what to say.” there, right there, i wanted to shift my body weight from my butt to my feet, throw my arms up in the air and say, “EXACTLY!” […]