how am i the lucky one?

monday mantra

i’ve written about waiting before.

like september 17th 2013, i am now waiting. the life-on-hold- kind of waiting.
i’ve even taken to scientific versions of self help books.

positivity by barbara fredrickson
authentic happiness by martin seligman
flourish by martin seligman
happier by tal ben-shahar

stuck in a waiting rut, however, what has calmed me the most was the post linked above.
this blog serves as a reminder of my strength in the past.

do you get problem amnesia?
i think i do.

i forget that i’ve already felt the struggle i’m currently experiencing.
it FEELS so new, so raw, so real.
like i’ve never felt it before.

but this post is proof i have.
and this post is further evidence that i will be okay.
thriving, in fact.

writing this blog, as i have now come to find, serves my past, present, and future self.

when i get problem amnesia and feel lost in the struggle of X, i will come here.
i will reread how i got through it.
i will remember.

while i continue waiting, knowing well i’ll make it through just fine, answer me this:

what does/could blogging do for you?

P.S. the title for this blog post brought to you by cold war kids (the best band there ever was ever):

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