slightly provocative

i’d like to share with you this provocative piece i wrote for the disability studies grad-level into course. the prompt was to define ‘ideology of ability’ according to the late Tobin Siebers. it was a pleasure to write, though i recon not a pleasure to read. proceed with caution… It is within thoughts of no […]

Welcome to Grad School, DOC.

Who Decides? In April 2014, New York Times journalist, Elizabeth Rosenthal published an article entitled, “Even Small Medical Advances Can Mean Big Jumps In Bills.” As the title suggests, Rosenthal’s article reported advances in diabetes technology as minor, but costly. She refers to persons with diabetes as a “captive audience” responsible for “spawn[ing] lines of high […]

i’m coming out, i want the world to know, gonna let it show

i started coursework in disability studies in august. what’s happened since? i’ve gotten angry and i’ve gotten sad. outrage has befallen me and a sizable part of the innocence and optimism i’ve been known to walk with has faltered. i’m jaded. i’m jaded, but i’m not sorry about it. . . …(here it goes – deep breath)… […]