our love saves lives


i love to love.
i feel good when i love, and i love accepting love.
AND i love that i love love.
so much love happening, someone get me a picture of a puppy.


ahh, that’s better.

so, valentine’s day. the opportunity to show someone just HOW MUCH you love them.

how will you show your love this year?

a sweet card?

if you are a person with diabetes, or if you love a person with diabetes, you may not go for the usual and tender gift of chocolates or wine. while people with diabetes can choose to indulge in sweets and boozy-time, providing the opportunity to indulge in other things may afford a better and more generous act of gratitude from your lover… and no, i am not referring to anything sexy sexy by that… get your mind out of the gutter!

so perhaps flowers or a sweet card?
give your lover both! or maybe only one with an extra special message.

here comes the heart-giving-lovey-dovey-great-googaley-moogaley sales pitch, one you simply can’t refuse…

this valentine’s day, give your lover the gift of saving a life. yes. you read that right.

spare a rose, save a child, is a campaign started by people just like you in the diabetes community who wanted to show their love in a more meaningful way.

here is the idea, instead of twelve roses, give eleven, and donate the price of the spared rose to life for a child.

life for a child, a program run by the international diabetes federation, GIVES children with diabetes in developing countries the INSULIN that they need to survive.

you spare a rose, a single rose (aprox. $5), and a child has insulin for a month. it’s true. it’s happening. you can literally SAVE A CHILD’S LIFE.

what is more romantic than that?

you can spare all twelve roses, donate, and save a child’s life for an entire year.

one rose, one month of life. a dozen roses, a year of life for a child with diabetes.

and you will still get the card.
when you donate, you will be given the opportunity to print the Spare a Rose, Save a Child card.

what would your lover love more than you saving a child’s life in their honor?

SHOW your lover that your love for them reaches children in need across the globe.
SHOW your lover that your love for them is LIFE itself.

Let your lover be the reason a child survived.

last year, our love saved 454 children for a year.
how many can our love save now?

spare a rose this valentine’s day.

also, yay puppies!

4 thoughts on “our love saves lives

  1. Yay! I gave more this year with smaller montly gifts with the new Ongoing Gift option. – ‘Cause T1D doesn’t take a break!

    Thanks for all you do to make our community stronger – Love Ya Mean It.


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