until now

it has been about six weeks since the diabetes unconference happened.
i have held off from writing about it because even now, i’m not sure it is fully digested.
yes, it was amazing.
yes, the people who attended were inspiring.
yes, we covered a LOT of topics relating to diabetes.
yes, it should’ve lasted longer,
and yes, i would do it again 10,000 times.

i’ve read the attendee’s social media coverage, and my eyes well up with tears every. single. time.
mostly because i am proud of what we have done in and through the diabetes online community, but also because the whole weekend was wicked heavy.

we talked about mental health, burnout, social comparison, and other trigger topics.
the entire room (over 90 people) talked for two days,
bearing our souls,
loving, and

i’m so proud of our group.

the unconference was a vehicle for us, and now
we have entered new territory as a patient group.

we made it happen.
it was organized by us.

do you know how stinkin’ cool that is?
never before seen!

a conference created by and for advocates,
exclusive to and from people with diabetes.
our stories.
our expertise.

i can’t wait to study this, guys.
i just can’t wait.

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