i’ve got no strings to hold me back

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last week i announced my acceptance to graduate school.

still over the moon about getting to see diabetes through a research lens, i have created a website to begin my path toward a career in participatory community research.

so begins, the study of us.

so, remember the ask from that blog post? i ASKED you to lend me your voice.

that ask is very very real now, and i have a little over a month to collect your initial inquiries. other steps will follow, of course, but this is the launching pad.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.48.26 AM

i am seeking individuals who have interacted in some way with the diabetes community. you do not have to be a person WITH diabetes to submit a question. type awesomes are welcome. industry peeps, pharma people, techies, are all welcome.

if there was anything you wish you knew about how the diabetes online community works,
what would it be?

here is an examples page where your fellow advocates’ submitted questions are shown. they are curious about the why, how, what, if, then, who, how long, and when revolving around the diabetes community.

maybe you have a similar (but slightly different) question.

i want to hear your take.

click here to learn more about the study of us

and here to submit a question.

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