i’m medicine x, and you should too.

in a little less than two weeks, i will be tweeting and blogging and face-booking to you live from:

med x

the stanford medicine x conference centers around emerging health technologies and therapies that integrate market, academic AND PATIENT perspectives.

back in february, i was selected as an ePatient delegate for the conference this year on partial scholarship. along with other members of the diabetes online community, scott strange, dana lewis, chris snider, and kim vlasnik, i will do my best to both represent and include you in the discussions and information being shared.

thankfully, the entire conference is going to be accessible to you! i highly, highly encourage you to sign up and attend the conference from your home. when you get curious about something or have questions, we will be there to ask them and mediate.

heather gabel (me!): @heathergabel
scott strange: @Strangely_T1
kim vlasnik: @txtngmypancreas
dana lewis: @danamlewis
chris snider: @iam_spartacus
medicine x: @StanfordMedX

i am so so so so so so so so so looking forward to this one guys…

you can sign up for the global access program here. it is free, you simply have to sign up!

win, win, right?

looking forward to chatting with you there ❤

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