just around the river bend

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i’ve been hand-writing blog posts.
secrets abounding,
and projects evolving.

life secrets.
dream secrets.
all the secrets.

one of my best friends, mike lawson, told me about how easy it is to give up on an idea if you allow yourself to get credit for it too early into it’s development. he said, ‘as soon as i tell someone about it, i am way less likely to actually do it.’

when i have an idea, i (without hesitation), seek validation.
i want confirmation that the idea is solid before moving forward.

after all, who wants to put a TON of effort toward a no-good-stoopey-poopey idea?

BUT, what mike brought to my attention made me question what motivates project ideas that pop in the ol’ noggin. am i wanting to do it because of the recognition i will get for doing it? or am i driven by a hope to actually change something?

next time i feel compelled to share my recent idea (err, right now), i’ll hold back deny the confirmation and satisfaction that may have returned the idea had i shared.

holy smokies, does that even make sense?

if this idea comes closer to being actualized, i’ll have a thread of evidence and can continue testing my motivations by sharing at various stages of idea-development.

if you have ever brought an idea to fruition, when did you start sharing your progress and how do you think it effected the outcome of your idea?

move onward, my friend, onward

for your enjoyment:

3 thoughts on “just around the river bend

  1. Yes, it makes perfect sense. There are plenty of things I’ve made a public commitment to do and never got around to — or when I did, it was under the pressure of keeping my word but my mind and heart weren’t really in it. (I’m trying to resist naming them right now).

    And any idea that belongs in the category of “no-good-stoopey-poopey” is worth it – if not for the entertainment value of the category name alone.

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