just around the river bend

i’ve been hand-writing blog posts. secrets abounding, and projects evolving. life secrets. dream secrets. all the secrets. one of my best friends, mike lawson, told me about how easy it is to give up on an idea if you allow yourself to get credit for it too early into it’s development. he said, ‘as soon […]

and everything he sees is blue

big blue test time is one of my favorite times of the year. an external reason to get my blood pumping and exercise. today, i submitted two big blue tests and it wasn’t as challenging as i thought it would be. it wasn’t as grueling as i imagined. in fact, it felt really…good. today i […]

i live in a big blue house, but not really.

from point A to point B. first post.  Poor choice of house paint or fabulous unexpected blues “i have diabetes, and that’s chill” moment?  Let’s say both. On my way to meet with a small group of beautiful, talented, etc., etc, diabetic girls. Ironic to run into a big blue house? Absent from the photo […]