something only we know

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welcome to medicine x. you,
sit in a room filled with powerful, strong headed people
living with life circumstances you really can only begin to imagine
and you listen.
you try and be a sponge
while also lending hugs and handshakes, you
might meet the same person five times.

load up your twitter, tweetdeck, tweetchat, hootsuite interfaces
and wait for the magic to begin
hands prepped like a cobra, ready to strike the keys.
it’s like you’d already thought that before,
pouring heart a soul, bearing.

#medx trending. you,

feeling like something big is happening, your
breath gets bigger, your
scope doubles in diameter, you
see that exponentially more is needed to initiate a wave of change here.

a raindrop does not cause a tidal wave.
and you can change little alone.

but we…
can maybe do something more.


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