it’s my mouth, i can say what i want to

have you ever met some one several times in settings like parties or get togethers? you really want to talk and get to know them, but every time the conversation delves to a slightly deeper level, another person, who you also want to talk to rolls up. and then the energy changes and new conversations […]

so show me family, all the blood that i will bleed

have you ever been catching up with an old friend, a friend from way way back when, and they tell you a story that involves you, but one that you can’t remember? maybe their story paints you in an unfavorable light. they tell you about how you tricked them into something, how you scared them, […]

everything, in it’s right place

inspiration has been oozing out of all of our diabetes sets, sites, an pokes this week. reading posts has been fun, enlightening, magical, inspiring, uplifting, thought-provoking, and just downright fantastic wonderful amazing. there are so many blogs i want to give shout outs to. i will mention a few with explanations and also a few […]

i’ve heard it all in the hospital

i am posting a video of a song from my favorite band, the cold war kids. i also wrote some of the lyrics from the song below. i chose to show this song, because it has always resonated with me in a strong diabetes kind of way. i was a hospital kid. always sick. pneumonia […]

i’m just the same as i was, now that you understand

have you ever bought a book with the intention to read it and then never did? it sits on your bookshelf proudly to this day because you like the title and what people might think of you if they see it on your shelf? do you think that the unread books in your collection say […]

i’ve got the power

haha. guess what? i am going to school again, starting february 2nd. WHY? well, because i am a crazy person (as mentioned before) and because i have this do-er energy that just spills out my pockets. some one rob me of this, please? just take it. im going to take three courses: general psych, abnormal […]

ghosts that we knew

have you ever sneezed two times in a row, so fast you kind of spit all over the place? that is how i felt today while walking to a creative writing class and overhearing  a man, standing in front of a doughnut shop, preeching to a mini-group of seemingso UC Berkeley students about ‘diabetes complications’…  […]

we used to vacation

sure?  a poem by ME: heather gabel in may, 2012 i can taste freedom wrapped infear from fleets of flying fireflies that stain this night in empowermenti’ll be free sooni will, because everything is fleeting and I am tooDripping grass stained jeans in bleach as if that will somehow make them betteri try I try […]

i live in a big blue house, but not really.

from point A to point B. first post.  Poor choice of house paint or fabulous unexpected blues “i have diabetes, and that’s chill” moment?  Let’s say both. On my way to meet with a small group of beautiful, talented, etc., etc, diabetic girls. Ironic to run into a big blue house? Absent from the photo […]