ghosts that we knew

have you ever sneezed two times in a row, so fast you kind of spit all over the place? that is how i felt today while walking to a creative writing class and overhearing  a man, standing in front of a doughnut shop, preeching to a mini-group of seemingso UC Berkeley students about ‘diabetes complications’… 

“loose your feet, loose your vision, and throw in your kidneys and life too, cause they’re gone. diabetes. diabetes. death, death, diabetes.” – that’s the normal flow of conversation post admitting ‘i have diabetes’, right? 

…considering this was the umpteenth time the phrase ‘diabetes complications’ fluttered my way today, i decided that while it IS in fact very diabetes related, the number of times (actually only 5) it came up was enough for me to call it the unexpected blue and post. 

that’s what happened.

here’s my response and lesson to bestow upon those without diabetes who humbly take it upon themselves to inform those with diabetes of the ‘complications’ they will ‘likely’ encounter along their life journey with the disease….

there are MANY diabetes ‘complications’ you may not have considered.
Please replace and if not, then at least include these harmful side effects in your lecture:

WARNING!– diabetes may cause serious introspection 
WARNING!– diabetes can cause serious personal growth
WARNING! – diabetes may cause blogging
WARNING!– diabetes may cause community building
WARNING!– diabetes may inflame compassion for others
WARNING!– diabetes may produce symptoms of understanding
WARNING!– diabetes may cause an increase in communications and writing skills
WARNING!– diabetes may cause inflammation of math skills
WARNING!– diabetes may cause a slue of other positive things

fine print: please see people with diabetes before using to find out more…

pregnant women may be higher risk of side effects…
diabetics are encouraged to share other warnings…

2 thoughts on “ghosts that we knew

    • Mary, I have found that my tolerance has actually increased. I have a tendency, moreso now than before, to understand ignorance as a limitation rather than an irritation and more easily let go those moments where …. if i may be so blunt… people are ‘diabetes dumb’.

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