it’s my mouth, i can say what i want to

t1d hand

have you ever met some one several times in settings like parties or get togethers? you really want to talk and get to know them, but every time the conversation delves to a slightly deeper level, another person, who you also want to talk to rolls up. and then the energy changes and new conversations arise. later you think back to what that initial deeper level conversation might have brought. you wonder if you might have left feeling closer to that person that you only see in these public gatherings. you maybe even wonder if there is some potential bond you are missing out on.

thanks to the diabetes scholars foundation and the diabetes hands foundation, i am able to attend for my first year. i’m here. right now. and since, apparently, i get jet lag from a three hour time difference, i am sitting up, awake and in bed, blogging.

today, at the children with diabetes friends for life conference, i have to say that many of the potentially deeper level connections have gotten lost in the organized chaos of the kind of public gatherings where everyone knows everyone and hugs are to be given and had and shared.

maybe its the first day gitters. maybe the deeper level stuff has yet to come. maybe there are golden D relationship nuggets hiding and i just haven’t found them yet.

but so far, there have been conversations that end like this:

“we don’t have the luxury of alternate realities.”

now, doesn’t that sound like a lost golden nugget?

melissa lee. i fully expect to continue this conversation before we retreat to our home regions. that conversation was golden and i just can’t let it go.

__________________________ apart from lost golden nuggets ________________________

firsts that from here can only be seconds:

today, for the first time, i met PWDs from canada (tayler, elyssa, and chad).

today, for the first time, i ate from tables where i didn’t have to guestimate the carbs because the count was provided FOR EVERYTHING.

today, for the first time, diabetes made me laugh so hard my abs got a work out.

today scott strange said “nice to put a face to a blog”

today i said out loud for the very first time, ‘i am a diabetes blogger’

3 thoughts on “it’s my mouth, i can say what i want to

    • You too Scott. It was also a pleasure to briefly meet your family. I wish I could make it out to AADE next week, but things are pretty turbulent at home right now.

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