Diabetes Blog Week 2014: Day 4

MANTRAS MANTRAS MANTRAS MANTRAS MANTRAS MANTRAS MANTRAS MANTRAS MANTRAS MANTRAS ……………………………………………………………………to live by. quit slackin’ and make shit happen. ….while you’re doing that, keep in mind that the only thing constant is change. …….when things get wonky, know that better management is not a destination, but rather a way of life ……….while forming happy habits, […]

Rocking Coachella With Diabetes

today i am heading out to coachella. it is a music festival in indio, CA near los angeles. it is four days of dancing in the hot hot sun. before i get to the diabetes part of this post, i must disclose that the photo above came about because our only housemate who couldn’t attend […]

faces come out of the rain

it’s the stillness of an empty hospital waiting area that brings me to tears for the first time since grabbing jesse’s hand when the doctor uttered the words, “you’ll be admitted.” at that time, both jesse and i equated the words to dollar signs. how could we afford this? would his insurance cover the expenses […]

but i never saw the good side of the city

i’ve resisted ‘the darkness’ in every other way possible. when i was in middle school, the stores that i shopped at provided more insight about me than what i said or how i spoke. 8th grade playground rule: where your clothes come from and how they fit your body is indicative of what is inside, […]

when everything’s made to be broken, i just want you to know who i am

my cousin got married last weekend. i went to the home where i grew up before hand because it was en route. i’m not sure what inspired me to begin poking around my old stuff, but i ended up with a book of poetry in my hands. it is more like a stack of papers […]

lollipop, lollipop, oh lollie lollie

dear fake sugar, we, citizens of life with diabetes, have come to know that your ability to sweeten soda, cake, cookies, ice-cream, candy, coffee, chocolate, tea, and more, like every pleasure in this world, comes with a price. it has come to the attention of many that consuming more than a little of you at […]

keep on, keepin’ on

have you ever given something away to a friend and then immediately regretted it? maybe it is a shirt you never wear, or a box of inscents you want someone else to experience? it could be the last cupcake that you really didn’t need to eat because you already had three. you really want them […]

i’m a wild one, ou yeah, i’m a wild one

have you ever felt an overwhelming need to just get out of somewhere? only, you aren’t sure what you’re running from or where ‘far enough’ is? you don’t know what you need from the distance, but it is the only fix you can think of for whatever it is that is happening in you to […]

i’m just the same as i was, now that you understand

have you ever bought a book with the intention to read it and then never did? it sits on your bookshelf proudly to this day because you like the title and what people might think of you if they see it on your shelf? do you think that the unread books in your collection say […]

but what would i say

i’m happy. should i even be writing? i’m busy. how to find the time… i want to write about something special today. not just my life, but something bigger. today, amigos, i want to write about inner dialogue… which is going to be about my life anyway. sorry. i don’t know anyone’s life better than […]