i am the one

i’ve been working out my applications for doctoral programs as of late, crossing off all the little ticks: pre-apply. identify programs of interest 1. complete online app 2. acquire both official and unofficial transcripts 3. write many versions of personal statement 4. appeal to current professors for ‘the right fit’ 5. connect with writers of […]

the crystal ship is being filled

on day 0 of medicine x, i, along with other epatients, attended and participated in a special event called “partnering for health” sponsored by eli lilly and company. the day revolved around clinical trials. hearing from the patients who may take part in said trials was the goal of the day. eli lilly wanted us […]

something only we know

welcome to medicine x. you, sit in a room filled with powerful, strong headed people living with life circumstances you really can only begin to imagine and you listen. you try and be a sponge while also lending hugs and handshakes, you might meet the same person five times. load up your twitter, tweetdeck, tweetchat, […]

oh, the activated patient?

welcome to medicine x, a conference about bridging developing technology for health, patient perspective, and healthcare providers insights! guaranteed to make you feel simultaneously warm and fuzzy AND activated and pumped (not a diabetes pun) AND frustrated AND …. (here’s the bell ringer)… SUPER-DUPER. today during a session called ‘the new pharma,’ an image popped […]

and so it is the shorter story

he shared a parable. as it goes… there is a flood firefighters rushing door to door to help people to safety knock knock and a man answers, his family behind him. “hurry up” begs the fireman, “no, our god will save us” replies the man. the waters rise, and the man and his family climb […]

staring back at me

“there must be those among whom we can sit down and weep and still be counted as warriors.” ― adrienne rich grotesque? maybe. creative? hells yes. me in a moment of weakness? not-a-chance. me in a moment of strength? you-betcha. you-betcha. blood? nah, it’s tempera kids paint mixed with water and splashy splashed on my […]

the holes of my sweater

struck i was, by the call to depart from violent language number four. right there. ilana jacqueline typed the words i couldn’t shape in a blog post. pushing my chronic pressure points, laughing and crying and relating. i wanted to reach out and hug her. you’re not living with chronic illness if you’re “fighting” it, […]

pop, pop, pop that thang

this post is not drug related, despite the title. or, well, i guess it is. insulin is a drug isn’t it? correction to that first line there: this post is indeed drug related. LIFE UPDATE i moved to mesa, arizona on sunday night. yes, i did mean to write night. we left berkeley, california around […]


one-oh-five one hundred and five 105. 105. my blood sugar after a hike up and down the mountain. no feelings of going low: no shakes, sweats, or frights 105. my score and my win. taken at the start of a calming and deserved sit down looking over vancouver, canada. the hike behind us and dinner […]