and so it is the shorter story

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 2.43.02 PM
he shared a parable.

as it goes…

there is a flood
firefighters rushing door to door to help people to safety
knock knock and a man answers, his family behind him.
“hurry up” begs the fireman,
“no, our god will save us” replies the man.
the waters rise,
and the man and his family climb to the roof.
just as the water approaches their feet,
a helicopter flies overhead
with his arms outstretched
“grab my hand!” calls the man dangling down
“no, our god will save us” replies the man.

the family is taken by the waters of the flood,
and put before their god
the man asks, with his family behind him,
“why didn’t you save us?”
“i tried. first the firefighters and then the helicopter.” replied his god.

he was having a cherry hefeweizen, there to chat with others from the skeptics group.

there was another person with diabetes there, kept turning down beers because of ‘the betes’. there’s a line i’ve used before. 😉

sometimes we deny what is presented to us even though it is vary thing we are seeking.

if i’ve never seen a quarter, am familiar with dimes and nickels, and are presented with all three, i will reach for two dimes and one nickel to make 25 cents.

maybe i’ve never seen a quarter.

to identify foreign forms of what we seek is to be curious. to be curious is to be open. to be open is to be unafraid.

the end.

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