diabetes blog week day 6: life-savers revisited

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did you ever keep a journal?
write a paper in high school or college?

have you ever left it long enough to semi-forget that you even wrote it to begin with?

if you have, how did you feel about the way a younger you reflected upon the world?

reading through some of my earliest posts on this blog… which mike lawson inspired me to create by the way… was a whole great big mess of emotion.

in part, i wondered how any one was ever able to comprehend my writing.
so jumpy and wordy and odd.
in… another part… i felt proud to have documented such detailed memories.

overall, my favorite post is one that i wrote two christmases ago, about an annual gift of candy that didn’t stop coming even after i was diagnosed with diabetes.

it meant a lot to me that my family didn’t let diabetes change tradition.

and even now when i read it, i get choked up with gratitude for my darling aunt donna.

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today’s topic:

Click for the Favorites and Motivations – Saturday 5/16 Link List.
If you have been blogging for a while, what is your favorite sentence or blogpost that you have ever written? Is it diabetes related or just life related? If you are a new blogger and don’t have a favorite yet, tell us what motivated you to start sharing your story by writing a blog? (Thank you Laddie of Test Guess and Go for suggesting this topic.)

2 thoughts on “diabetes blog week day 6: life-savers revisited

  1. I loved that post and I’m really glad you got your life savers that Christmas. There’s nothing worse/demoralising/guilting than being told by others “oh, you can’t eat this.”

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