Being Addicted to Poetic Prose: Why I’ll Never Be a Successful Writer

Originally published on my Medium page. It is with a rhythm that I scribe, a cadence one better. With pauses and causes and intentions, I spill. I want to tell you how I feel before I tell you what it is I’m reacting to because that is how I make meaning from surroundings. I want […]

for you, i bleed myself tryin’

i care about you. i know it is bold to say that and you might not even believe it… but i do. maybe we have never engaged before. okay: i’ve never met you. you’ve never met me. we have never laid eyes on one another. i don’t know where or how you live, or how […]

aint no sunshine when she’s gone

attending the medtronic diabetes advocates forum came with everything you would expect: great big hunks of information, meaningful connections, the forging of new friendships, open discussion, action plans, boats of laughter, and down-right exhaustion. coming home from the weekend, i said to my partner, jesse, “that was a lot of diabetes.” feeling slightly bent out […]