for you, i bleed myself tryin’


i care about you.
i know it is bold to say that and you might not even believe it…
but i do.

maybe we have never engaged before.
okay: i’ve never met you. you’ve never met me.
we have never laid eyes on one another.
i don’t know where or how you live, or how you feel about society, it’s demands, it’s limitations, liberties.

i don’t know who you are.
but, without a nanometer of doubt,
i care about YOU.

i care about you because you and i share an understanding.
we understand a deeply engrained life-sustaining dependence
and we understand what answering to that relentless chemical demand is like
the stresses, the pains, the unexpected…

i know this about you and even though i don’t know you,
i want you to succeed.
i want you to feel good and not be bogged down by the requirements of dependence.
i want you to have all the tools you need
even though i don’t know you,
i want for you to survive and i will stop at nothing
so that you, a perfect stranger to me, can live on.

i don’t know you,
but i care.

that is why i decided to be proactive and give to Spare a Rose, Save a Child.

i give
because i care.

because i know you do too:
you can give here.

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2 thoughts on “for you, i bleed myself tryin’

  1. The sentiment expressed in your words is just wonderful. Reminding us that people who we don’t know – and probably never will know – aren’t much different than ourselves. Very nicely done.

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