i just wanted you to let me in

my panic was suspended. home-treat. no hospital. –> lungs, you may inflate. last friday, after of a string of not-so-thought-through decisions and indecisions, i became a ketonic-mega-monster. that’s a thing, right? the highly unfortunate sequence of events: i had a beer the evening before around 11pm, after an intense two hours of dodgeball (one game […]

cause i don’t shine, if you don’t shine

how long does it take to be considered a veteran? how long until one can be honored with a certificate of completion? what governing institution would offer the PhD in diabetes management that each pwd has been working their buns of steel off to achieve? i’m 23. i might be wise beyond my years, but […]

and all the roads we have to walk are winding

Diabetes Blog Week 2013: Day three i forgot to check my blood sugar for a while, back in 2010. maybe it was burnout, maybe it was laziness. frustration. acting out. rebellion. maybe it was one of those twisted unconscious attempts to avoid the feeling of failure by semi-purposefully not putting forth effort. regardless of the […]