Best of the Betes Blogs: January 2014


When Sara invited me to host this month I was overwhelmed with joy and felt a great sense of pride. Reading through the nominated posts was warming, entertaining, and just a bucket of fun. Making selections was very challenging because they were all SO SO SO good.

Just after the Super Bowl blow out (go Seahwaks) and in the midst of Diabetes Art Day, I present to you the posts I selected for Best of the Betes Blogs this month:

Best Use of Humor: Mike Lawson at Socially Diabetic
Mike’s pancreas would be very social media active, if given the chance. Now, if we could only get him online for #dsma…

Best Vlog – Gavin at Diathlete
I’ve always avoided injecting in the arm because I feel like I have to pretzel (yes, that is a verb) and he makes it look so easy! Nice to see rufus there too!

Best Use of Photography – Alexis at I run on Insulin
Want to see a degraded lancet? Yikes! This guest post is awesome.

Best Advocacy – Sue at Test, Guess, and Go
Sue asks for a groundswell of support from the DOC in due time to increase CGMS accessibility.

Best Reference to a D-Celebrity – Katie at Princess of Pavement
Katie is a journalist who was interviewed by a running magazine in Canada. Her story is splashed about the pages and she gets two big big thumbs up for raising diabetes awareness.

Best Story of a D Meet-up – Courtney at Pancreassassin
#dsma counts as a meetup right? Here Courtney talks about goals inspired by a DSMA live chat.

Best non-D Related Post – Chris at The Consequence of Hypoglycemia
It was so exciting to hear the news that Chris was moving to the Bay Area. It was even more exciting to hear about the big proposal!

Best Post by a Type 1 – Renza at Diabetogenic
We all have trigger words. Renza talks about the word ‘compliant’ and it’s derogatory connotation for her as a PWD.

Best Post by a LADA – Manny Hernandez at Ask Manny
In memory of Barbara (jrtpup) on Tudiabetes, Manny wrote this beautiful blog post. It reminds us all to cherish and tend to our relationships now.

Best Post by a Type 2 – Rosie at The Fat Side of the Tracks
There were no nominations for this category, so I am going to point you to a blogger named Rosie (@Rosie_Tomato) that deserves our support. She participates in #dsma every week and has a lot of awesome things to say.

Best Post by a Type Awesome – Olly at Diabetes UK
Heartwarming! I loved reading this family approach to grand slamming a diabetes curveball. Brotherly love is always a good ending to a tale.

Best story of a D-mistake – Joanne at Death of a Pancreas
Great post about listening to the BGs and rolling with the punches. Make sure to read the disclaimer at the end! šŸ˜‰

Best Motivational Post – Jen at Young, Fun, and Type 1
Jen celebrates the new year by bringing her awareness and ours to the support people in our lives who make life with D a little better. All good warm feelings.

Best Diabetes ArtKim at Texting My Pancreas
Cartoons on taking apart a dexcom sensor and adding a steampunk flair = #winning.

Best Comments: Jessie from T1D Active Living
I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Jessie over email, instagram, twitter, and within the blogosphere. She always has something heartfelt to say. She is on our radar!


Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate others for Best of the Betes in January and thank you to all the D-Bloggers who wrote and shared:
Manny at Ask Manny
Sara at The Pump and the Second Hand
Joanne at Death of a Pancreas
Olly at Diabetes UK
Meri at Our Diabetic Life
Heather at Unexpected Blues
Alexis at I run on Insulin
Kerri at Six Until Me
Kim at Texting My Pancreas
Jen at Young, Fun, and Type 1
Sue from Test, Guess, and Go
Chris from The Consequence of Hypoglycemia
Jessie from T1D Active Living
Katie at Princess of Pavement
Mike Lawson at Socially Diabetic
Briley at InDpendence
Jess at Me And D Blog
Rachel at Probably Rachel
Laddie at Test, Guess, and Go
Sara at Moments of Wonderful


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8 thoughts on “Best of the Betes Blogs: January 2014

  1. Love love love these Best of the ‘Betes roundups! I get so behind in reading DOC blogs that this is always a nice summary of awesome posts I can go back and catch. Thanks so much for organizing it, Sara, and for hosting this month, Heather!!!

  2. I’m honored that I am included in “Best on the Betes Blogs” for January. Thank you so much. My issue is very important to me and to any of the other diabetics who are on Medicare and fighting for coverage of the CGMS. Thank you.

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