i will sit up in the saddle of the storm

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from yesterday to today, i move from then to now, in an attempt to self actualize my wishes to feel more full.

with humility and strength, i will begin to redefine my definitions of the actions which are a point of self-pride, self-fufilling prophecy, and me-ness.

here i go, from here to there:

introspection – process of discovering what’s wrong with you
introspection – process of looking inward to find what makes you special and unique

reflection – the processing of guilt
reflection- the process of seeing a situation from outside yourself to more deeply understand motive, actions, and reactions
reflection – the process of healing

exercise – to do, with difficulty
exercise – to do, with intention

esotericism – communicating in a way that few will understand
esotericism – articulating the dimensions of life and self through word images and poetic prose intended to move the reader and my future self to a place of higher understanding

happy – a fleeting feeling stimulated by outside circumstance
happy – a state of being by which action precedes thought

strong – a tendency to be tough, cold, and aggressive while appearing outwardly warm and kind
strong – an ability to be open, honest, and tender

threatening – a perceived danger and cause for alarm
threatening – a pivotal opportunity to learn, change, grow, and share

awareness – a mental attention to self deficits
awareness – exercising aspects of the spirit that only being human can provide

diabetes – a disease i shouldn’t have to share my life with
diabetes – a reason to take a more active role in achieving good health for the only vessel that allows me the kind of awareness i so value and cherish

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