like the ceiling can’t hold us


i’ve been writing about identity and my approach to the self lately. so i wanted to share and expose another aspect of my notion of what creates or at least strengthens my sense of self.

my name is heather, but i have been called many other names in my 22 years of life so far. here is a list of the nick names i have been offered and by whom:

heath = Jesse
heather rose = walker family and my mom when she is mad
false teeth heath = myspace
hej = adam G and annie b
haja = susan, art, dad
shmeth = renee and shane
heathballs = emily coles
cheddddda = Susie Johnson
bug = dad and mom
lumpy = dad and grandma
little man = eli fletcher
heather cheddar cheese = sarak kasander and morgan johnson
strong friend = paige, josh, jeremy, and avery
star sister = amanda and lisa from sweden
pump girl = jim alison
bruce = alison lee
child b = mom and dad

nick names can be a reflection of who i am right? do your nick names speak to who you are?

One thought on “like the ceiling can’t hold us

  1. My nicknames are “nae nae” “nazers” “peanut” (mama gave me that one) “gernade” (gave to me my my little sisters) I can’t think of anymore right now. I love you Shmeath!

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