and, oh, what a change there’d be


so you have heard of medicine x,

the conference at stanford university that truly integrates patient voice and perspective,
the conference that trends on twitter because the online component is exponential

and maybe you have thought about applying
maybe you decided not to because you aren’t sure you have something unique to contribute
maybe you decided not to because those ePatients are big names and you’re not sure you fit in with them
maybe you decided not to because you didn’t think you would be accepted
maybe you decided not to because you have a propensity to deem yourself unworthy

i am writing to tell you this:

you DO have something unique to contribute: no one else knows how you experience your condition as well as you. you are supremely qualified to lend perspective.

you DO fit in with the big name ePatients: there isn’t a single ePatient who started off ‘big’. they put themselves in situations to grow to get where they are now. they are human. they are patients (just like you) who at one point or another were unsure about which megaphone to use.

you DO have a great chance of being accepted: medicine x scholarship recipients are not selected because they already have a massive following, nor because they have already shown themselves to be a ‘successful’ patient advocate. medicine x scholars are simply patients who see gaps in their health care AND want to do something about it. since the amount of advocacy you have already done is not the determining factor for being selected, even if you don’t have a bazillion twitter followers or write a blog, you are still and viable candidate.

and last but not least,

you ARE worthy. the end. no questions asked. without a single doubt. cross my heart, hope to die. if this is what holds you back the most you should know this… there is only one person in the world who does not support your success, and that is you. and that feels weird to say, but it is TRUE! all of your fellow advocates want you to succeed because we love you, but also because you being there means that as a collective we are closer to making the changes we want to make. you are worthy. you.

you and only you have the ability to share your experiences because no one else has your experiences. they are yours. when you don’t share them, they go unheard.

don’t go unheard.

apply for medicine x 2015, because you’re worthy and because our community deserves a representative like you.

if you are still unsure about applying, listen to this song. bring out all the love you hide and, oh, what a change there’d be…

i believe in you.

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