Diabetes Educational Model Crowd-Funding Campaign


favor requested below!

i’ve been working with a man with t1 diabetes who creates educational 3d models of proteins. his name is casey steffen and his work is spectacular.

he has created a hemoglobin model duo to show the difference between glycated and normal hemoglobin (as you see above).

i don’t often use this space to promote products, but i sincerely believe in what the distribution of these glycated hemoglobin hba1c models could possibly do.

like jerry the bear, it promotes learning through physical contact. you don’t just look at it in a text book, you get to hold it. You get to see and feel how a1c levels go up. i am a kinesthetic learner and hands-on always improves my learning curve. i know i’m not the only one.

i imagine these models in diabetes camps, at pediatric endocrinology offices, at diabetes conferences like Friends For Life, etc.

it could drastically improve our understanding of how high glucose levels impacts your blood.

so the deal is that casey has started a crowd-sourced funding campaign on rocket hub.

he is half way to the goal, with only 21 days left.

i am giving to his campaign because it can help knowledge of the biology of an a1c test really stick. also it can raise awareness, and it looks really really cool.

if you are on twitter, please consider tweeting about this to help promote the success of the campaign. below are some tweets you could use. all you have to do is copy, paste and share.

it would be astronomical to see casey’s work come to fruition.

if you would like to give directly, here is the campaign page.

also, if you feel so inlaced (and i hope you do) send your doctor or CDE a link to the campaign. it is below for copy and paste purposes:


thank you for reading and considering helping to bring diabetes education to life.



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– I support this #diabetes advocate as he paves a new way for people to learn about diabetes. #HbA1cAware http://ow.ly/vPbmy @steffenvfx #DOC


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