that’s how easy love can be

i’m sitting at my desk. it’s messy. i keep shit everywhere.
mom, if you are reading this… ho hum, it might be best if you closed your eyes.

i’m messy like a forest, or like my test kit case. you know, organized chaos. everything is everywhere to an untrained eye.

i like clutter. i like things. i like my things to be around me, to decorate me and my spaces. but on the flip-side… i also like to be in a clean, tidy space.

can’t i have both?

i decided that in my new room, the first one that i haven’t shared since i was 17, i would make this happen.

so folks…


This is my room…

room 2

…and in my room I like to…

room 3

lounge. dance. collect solitude. write short stories. snack (as a verb).

room 4

in my room, i like to be with friends and make art

in my room, i keep diabetes supplies everywhere. can you find which pictures are hiding my diabetes trinkets?

first person to guess gets a present from me mailed to them.

One thought on “that’s how easy love can be

  1. The second and third pictures. Unless you’re counting the viewer as part of the picture… and since you took the picture, I assume the answer would be… all of them.

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