i’m pearly like the w- w- whites of your eyes

a poem by a friend…
street dusk

Two-lane road.
Approaching one-way street.
Stop light. Greenlightgreenlight
Left turn-
Do not enter! Wrong way!
U-turn, reverse…
Back onto two-lane road.
Going, going, going…
Caution: Watch for falling debris.
Whew, close one.

Driving, driving, four-lane road.
The sun shines, optimal conditions.
Faster, faster! No cops.
Sixty, seventy, eighty…
Cruise at eighty.
Cruising, cruising, cruising…
COP! Don’t brake, drift!
Neutral, neutral…
Whew, close one.

Lane merges; go left.
Two-lane road. Yield to pedestrians.
Going, going… shoot! Pedestrians!
Fifty points for the one in the wheelchair!
STOP! Red light. Wait.
Right turn. Left turn. Right turn.
We’ve gone in a circle.
Left right left, look back…
Pitter-patter on the windshield.
We’re not lost, just
Taking the scenic route.

Hurry up! Faster, faster- go!
Look, trees! Slow down!
Down, down
A one-lane road.
Do not enter: wrong way
And the rain continues to fall.

-written by my dear friend Jeremy.

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