you’re already home

magic. magic. magic.

i am so proud to be around so many amazing, talented, individuals with diabetes. the diabetes community is so filled with life and hope and strong-ness.

one man on set, who has had type-1 for nearly 35 years said to me, “you know, i can’t believe it, but i only recently realized it isn’t about ‘surviving’ with diabetes, it’s about ‘thriving’.”

another man, ninjabetic, and i shared a pre-diagnosis woe. during trips to the bathroom at night, we would both throw caution to the wind and use our hands as cups under the faucet. as if the sink were a water fountain, we would refuel for the next pee session. Did anyone else do this? i asked my friend, mLawson, and he said he had a trick with ice where he would fill a big-gulp style cup and add a little water. he would first drink the water all up and by the time he woke up next time, a lot of the ice would be melted and drinkable.

it’s beautiful how we all share aspects of the same story, we build it together. and we can, together, create a more meaningful, understandable narrative that ends in our favor. a cure? maybe. but in the meantime… let’s talk, enrich the community by being together, and get active. let’s have fun.

let’s give more to the disease that requires so much giving already.

let’s smother diabetes with kindness, even when she is being a little b*tchy for absolutely no reason, EVEN after you’ve done everything right.

let’s #bigbluetest everything, together.

One thought on “you’re already home

  1. Wasn’t the BigBlueTest shoot a blast? Even if I was the least in shape yoga person there, and boy did I get a workout, I had so much fun chatting with fellow T1Ds. Its something I don’t have here at home.

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