big blue test

i am a type-1 diabetic and i am taking the big blue test 30 day challenge.

i’m on day one and my sugars are already better.

my boyfriend is a type-3 diabetic and he is taking the big blue test challenge.

hold up… question: what’s a type-3 diabetic?

answer: – – – – a type-3 diabetic is a person who loves someone else who lives with diabetes. this means all of you -parents, friends, family, significant others, neighbors, caregivers, grandparents, friends, friends and friends.

hey you, the one who thinks they can’t participate because the big D isn’t an interwoven facet of life… SURPRISE!!


here’s the beauty, exercising now saves lives.

working out is WORKING, it’s hard to do. if you are in the same club as me, the club where you think about working out and feel overwhelmed, the big blue test works like magic.

doing the big blue test raises money for charities, local and national that provide life-saving services and supplies to people with diabetes.

finally, external motivation!

so, common club members. let’s get active and do our part for others.

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