jeremiah was a bullfrog


ABC’s- guess who can sell alcohol. iiiiiiiiiiii can.  

today i ventured into a -not-so-great- part of oakland to attend a class/training of how to and not-to sell booze. (pretty funny given my recent alcohol experience with my roommate, Robin.  

the class was simple, and sort of entertaining. the kind of ‘entertaining’ that comes from being interested in the way a person you haven’t encountered before talks and behaves. i have to admit something to myself, today….

i have a tendency to place people in categories based on the way their face moves. if i see a girl that moves her mouth and face the way my friend jackee does, then i expect them to be sweet and a little wild. if i meet someone who moves like my mother, i expect them to be confident and self-effacing. today, seeing someone who didn’t fit any of my facial expression profiles, sort of threw me off. 

her speech was flowy, animated, and surprisingly scripted. it seemed like she did this everyday, but it was simultaneously characterized. when she emphasized, her mouth opening leaned to one side. her voice was vintage, her expressions dated, like she has been practicing in the mirror to 40’s movies. 

where was she from? why was she a police officer?… i spent about 50 percent of the time in class imagining her life story. it was a quite enjoyable three hours. 

after leaving the class, i walked back to my car (named ‘johnson’ for reason i shouldn’t share here) and began to drive away. 

it was a nice, easy drive back to work. Here’s the kicker…

As i approached my office, i passed a cafe where this Furby was sitting, looking stood up and frankly quite sad. his yellow body and blue mohawk brought me back to my childhood, when i was diabetes-free. and yes… there was a time when i was diabetes-free. 

had i not learned my ABC’s, had i not gone strait to work and fudged my first two attempts at parallel parking, this  furry friend would not have reminded me of life before, of my history. 

long story, well, long… the universe affirms me of my place within its matrix from time to time. like today. i was where i should’ve been. i have what i should have, and i am being who i ought and want to be. 

unexpected blues-ie bliss…


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