i’m all shook up, ahwoo oo.

And i used that light to find my way

last night, while working as a server at Triple Rock, i almost peed my pants….

like always in the food industry, there is rarely a moment to get away.

i waited as long as i could (about forty minutes), meanwhile dancing and walking fast to keep the dam from breaking, and finally asked a fellow server to watch my tables.

i swiflty skipped into the ladies room, pulled down my shorts, hovered over the toilet and released.

Guess what!?!…..mid-stream!… I kid you not…

… the lights went out. the entire restaurant was out of power.

Really?! in all honesty, i’ve been afraid of bathrooms since i can remember. maybe it was that scene in Spice World where the dude climbs out of the toilet, or the Bloody Mary practical jokes i grew up with… either way, bathrooms for me? no bueno!

I was calmed a little by the sound of everyone in the restaurant collectivly going through what you would expect from an outage: collective gasping and a few mild yelps, then the loud collective ‘aw’, then collective growing hoops, hollering, and laughter.

anyway!, i zipped up real quick, intentionally didn’t flush and ran out as fast as i could. i reentered the rastaurant during the part of an incident like this where a few people get in a good one-liner. such as “I normally eat in the dark.” chuckles followed.

unexpected blue?

i am a pumper. and what can i say.. pump’s got a light. a blue light. And i used that light to find my way (and read receipts).

this night reminded me of three things:

1. pee when you get the urge the first time, or the lights may go out

2. life is exciting an expected

3. doing the whole ‘diabetes’ thing is hard, but from time to time, it pays you back for all the work you do. sometimes it helps you find the way.

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