a drip-drop of gratitude… or something like it


on friday, august 28th, my roommate faced a life transition. She turned 21. 

what is a 21st all about here? whether you like it or not, it’s about booze booze booze and more booze. it’s about going out and getting shwasted… and hammered… and toasted… and drunk drunk drunk. it’s about getting obliterated. it’s about not being able to get out of bed for two days. it’s about going to bar after bar, slamming drink after drink, until your speech is so slurred it sounds like you are singing. it’s also about learning  that frequented “i’ll never drink again”

in preparation of the big night, i did some reflecting and came to the conclusion that well, shoot. i’m a diabetic and i was then too!  on my 21st, not THAT long ago, i felt a desire to have that 21 experience. BUUUUUT, i knew for me it wasn’t a good thing. so, i settled for two drinks at a bar down the street and called it a night. in that reflecting i wondered how i would feel about the night after the fact.

here i am to tell you what i learned.

i can have a 21st experience and have it not be ‘mine’.  i guess i was under the impression before that I, and yes, that is a capital “I” needed to be the one to have all the special experiences. “I” need it to happen for ME. BUT i watched Robin down FOURTEEN; drinks. after the first eight, she had to let some of it go… if you know what i mean. THEN, she rallied! she drank six more! Robin is also not a drinker. this was a LOT for her. i got to be with her, while she ran-no sprinted!- towards the lesson learned, “i’ll never drink again”

When Robin, her sister, and I, set out for the night, i wasn’t expecting to feel so fulfilled at the end. 

i’m grateful. i’m happy, full, and ready to see how else my new knowledge can apply.

wait, can someone else take my insulin for me!? haha.

i’m okay being diabetic forever, and the experiences i’m swayed from because of the big D are okay, too- as long as i have friends and family to be with.

ah, warm feelings… 


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