is your tea somewhere between lava and the sun?


wednesday is pottery day. the one day a week i set aside to exercise my creativity in a hands on kind of way. i’ll post some pictures of my work eventually. this pot, the one that is lava right there… it isn’t one of mine. 

but i am posting this photo because something triggered in my mind when i watched that hot pot get pulled from the oven of lava. i remembered a moment in India last summer.

my friend jeremy asked me “is your tea somewhere between lava and the sun?”. my answer was yes, after having burnt my mouth figuring it out. we laughed about it for a while and it kept coming back up during the month of travel, always followed by laughter.

my unexpected blue? With Jeremey and the other friends i made while in India, diabetes wasn’t a big deal. it was kind of seamless. i was on injections. no bulky pager and site to change, no beeping. just taking a quick shot under the table before meals.

a wave of pride washed over me when i saw that lava pot being pulled from the kiln. i had no complications while in india. i am a diabetic, but no one would have known if i didnt want them too. 

this brings me to the big blue unexpected blue…

i’m pretty sure this has occured to many many other people. BUT, diabetes is invisible. invisible to future friends, bosses, family, anyone i choose not to tell. 


BUT! i tell EVERYONE about my diabetes. i have ‘diabetic’ tattooed on my arm. it’s me. i’m it. we are inseparable. to not tell would be like having a conjoined twin and ignoring them. 

i’m all over the place, but you get me right?

i choose to share that i’m diabetic, but if i didn’t WANT to, no one would know. pluses and minuses of that, i suppose.

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