two-a.m. summer night

pinterest me a story
cut out of humble brag postcards wishing you were here
no need for color
i’ll believe your tale without it

weave into it makers and takers
lies and the kind of motivational quotes
that make you think rather than smile
do more
be better
if i can, so can you

bravery is not the fools game
but he plays it better
than i

embrioder it with triangles and tree branches
stick to the thin variety
uniform will be imperative once more

lace it with misunderstanding
and ridicule
thick bones aren’t born
their grown

sew up your story behind the heart of the doll
who will help untangle the hair
where i hear you hold your troubles

fashion a cover and
name it something obscure
like a lyric to a song that no one knows

maybe even one you wrote

pick a selling point and start there
fake it till you make it looks good on you

end it with something kindly mystical
but lost

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