insulin empty
try not to see yourself in the pathology.

i’m pulling out my old books and some new ones as i delve back in to the kind of diabetes research that stimulates my need-to-do-good faculties.

reading and reading:
remembering not to ruminate
to find meaning
to seek benefit
to stress less

to write more.

this morning has been an explosion of epiphany in the sound of this:

amidst these reminders and this charming song, something fabulous happened:

my mind wandered,
and i went on facebook.

there, many diabetes friends posting their written works, their stories and tales, predictions and art.

like and arrow to the chest, it hit me. i hadn’t read diabetes blogs in forevs and i needed to pick back up on that right now. this instant. right now, right now.

so i did and i am and i’m feeling more relief than i have since i drove away from my home base of six years to make home anew.

so thank you DOC, for feeding me right when i needed to be fed. for being alive and welcoming regardless of time or place. for doing what you do.

i’m jumping back on the DOC train. checkin-in.

more to come. asap (pronounced as a word, not an acronym).


thank you to chris for suggesting that today be a check in day (#dblogcheck). i’ll be more than a lurker today.

18 thoughts on “checkity-check-check

  1. You shouldn’t apologize for being a lurker. If every day was #dblogcheck, we would all lose our jobs, friends, and families because this has definitely been an all-day endeavor. Check!

  2. If d-blogs are the meal, then the comments are the dessert — it’s the good stuff that makes you want to come back again and again. You picked a great time to come back.

    (Is there really a bad time? I think my metaphor went horribly wrong. But I’m glad you’re here again… I missed you!)

  3. OK, this is so awesome on so many levels…. That insulin bottle pic is wonderful. That video takes me to a happy place, too.Your lower-case’ing. Poetic soul, speaking in every line, every word. And just how you needed to write, and did without anything getting in the way. Yep, I just love that. So very much. And you are just awesome, all by yourself. Thanks for this, Heather. Looking forward to the a-sap stuff as you’re able — have no doubt it’ll flow like everything. πŸ™‚

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