cheer up, sleepy jean

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‘i’m reading two books right now’

i said that to jo treitman at the sfo airport yesterday, as i was pulling scott benner’s book life is short laundry is eternal from my purse. this was a while after i had pulled mitch albom’s ‘the five people you meet in heaven’ out of that same bag.

as the words i had just spoken found their way back into my own ear, i felt confused. did i just say that?

two books?

am i actually reading two books at once?

i felt astonished, and accomplished, and then saddened by the fact that the realization left me feeling that way.

i think for my whole life i have semi-pretended that reading was my thing.

this is my truth. i haven’t read a book since highschool. brave new world. that was the last book that i read cover to cover that i wasn’t assigned.

in college i did read everything i was assigned.


my extended truth: in highschool i didn’t read the books that were assigned to me. i am not sure why. maybe it was because life was too overwhelming with diabetes in the mix. maybe it was because i felt smart enough to pretend i had read them. either way, i got excellent grades without reading anything. once, i wrote an essay about the scarlet letter without having read it. if i remember correctly, the paper was called, “why high school students shouldn’t be required to read the scarlet letter’ i got a b.

i am amazed that i have two books in my purse. one has 85 pages left and the other has 45. by the end of the week, i will have finished two books.

this is stride for me.

i am reading.

i am taking care of me.

i am reading.

i am reading.

i think everyone has an activity that they really enjoy, but that they don’t give themselves time to do. what is yours?

maybe you have many?

maybe ‘managing diabetes well’ is on that list. i know it is for me sometimes.

maybe some kind of pact is in order?

do pinky-promises still carry the same infinite power they used to?

here’s to keeping diabetes and reading on our list of things to always make time for.


five people

“no life is a waste,” the blue man said. “the only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we are alone.”

3 thoughts on “cheer up, sleepy jean

  1. I was exactly the same way, though I can’t remember if I read them or not in high school. Today, I’ll read things all the time… even two at a time. I even read Shot, by Amy Ryan, which is a good D-book. Interested to learn how Scott Benner’s book turns out.

  2. Sorry to say that I’m a bookaholic and have been since an early age. I’m glad to hear that you’re reading, it’s such a pleasure to get away from reality or stretch your mind with a good book.

    Thanks for all you’re doing with the Beta Connect program, I read about it on the DiabetesMine article about you. Best wishes for that program — I wish I’d had something like it when I was a student in Dublin, Ireland centuries ago.

    • Thank you for reading, Bernard! I am finding that more and more, with stretching my mind. I have been reading a mix of diabetes books and non-diabetes books. It has been so wonderful and meditative.

      And with Beta Connect, I will keep working hard to bring the program to as many places as I can. Maybe even to Ireland, in good time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for keeping up with Diabetes Mine. It really is such a fantastic site/resource.

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