In Time We See

It has been a year since this post and exactly five years of great hugs, smooches, and support from my man, Jesse. He has been such an inspiration in my life. I love him and his bright yellow spirit and energy. Oh boy, I just love this guy so much. Some one pinch me.

jess and me golf

Viviendo en Argentina

July 29th –

As you make the decision to travel and leave your home and place of comfort behind, many things happen. You start to see yourself outside of your natural environment. You see how your personality mixes with the rest of the people around you, and more than anything you begin to understand what you really want from life. It’s a hard thing to want to follow the career path I’ve chosen, knowing how much I will have to sacrifice. My 20’s aren’t going to be wild and crazy, I don’t have the time to pursue my artistic endeavors as fully, and at times this leaves me scared and afraid that I’m making the wrong decision.

These are the feelings that I think prompted this trip to Argentina. I wanted to feel like I still had the time to be youthful, to let go of my responsibilities, and just…

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