she lives on love street, lingers long on love street

Diabetes Blog Week 2013: Day 4

top ten

That is me up there. hi. i am heather gabel. i come from yuba city. maybe you have heard of it? i was born there and grew up there. i went to school there, was diagnosed there, made friends there. then, the day after i graduated high school, i left there. i left there with a car full of old junk and clothes and i moved to berkeley.

moving to berkeley is my #10 best diabetes accomplishment. why? well, it was not only the classic coming of age rite of passage that comes along with moving away from home, but marked that time i decided to do diabetes on my own.


that time i decided to do diabetes on my own.

#9 diabetes accomplishment. naming my dog lancet. best decision ever. he helps me remember to change the lancets in my pricker. … jk. i have only changed it twice since i got him. disclaimer: prepare to be overwhelmed with cute.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.40.13 PM

the time i named my dog lancet.

#8 diabetes accomplishment. this.

100 x1100 x 2

that time(s) i got the lucky 100 on my meter. #winning.

#7 diabetes accomplishment. taking a week long solo trip to chicago after graduating college. i organized, planned, and carried out my trip on my own. i didn’t know any one there. i just took a risk and went for it. it was one of the most contemplative trips i’ve had.

chicago bathtub

that time i stayed at a friendly stranger’s house in chicago.

#6 diabetes accomplishment. studying the gods and goddesses in india for a summer, meeting some life long strong friends, and never having insulin temperature problems or diabetes related sickiness.


that time i went to india.

#5 diabetes accomplishment. having the privilege of meeting and working with crystal bowersox and elliot yamin because i work at diabetes hands foundation.

elliot yamincrystal bowersox

that time i met crystal bowersox and elliot yamin.

#4 diabetes accomplishment. finding such a wonderful and supportive man and accepting his help when diabetes gets tough.


that time i fell in love.

#3 diabetes accomplishment. i am missing two teeth on either side of my front teeth. i had fake teeth on a flipper retainer, you know, the kind you can take out and put back in? i got the retainer at 13 and was told that at 18 i would get dental implants. at 18, dentists said my mouth wasn’t done moving. 19, same. 20. same. finally at 21 i my mouth was ready. the surgeon canceled my surgery after seeing my high a1c. i spent the next three months working hard to get my a1c down. i got my lowest a1c of all time, and then got the surgery.


that time i got real fake teeth

#2 diabetes accomplishment. moving from visualization to actualization and bringing change to the community.

insullianceinsulliance 2

that time i made a difference.

#1 diabetes accomplishment. committing to being an active member in the diabetes community, online and off. without this support, where would i be? maybe back in miserabletown. making friends with people with diabetes who show me how to do it right. getting hired at the best non-profit with the best people.


that time i found friends


here is the prompt for today’s post:

We don’t always realize it, but each one of us had come a long way since diabetes first came into our life. It doesn’t matter if it’s been 5 weeks, 5 years or 50 years, you’ve done something outstanding diabetes-wise. So today let’s share the greatest accomplishment you’ve made in terms of dealing with your (or your loved one’s) diabetes. No accomplishment is too big or too small – think about self-acceptance, something you’ve mastered (pump / exercise / diet / etc.), making a tough care decision (finding a new endo or support group / choosing to use or not use a technology / etc.). (Thanks to Hilary of Rainie and Me for this topic suggestion.)


interested in participating? you still can sign up! click the graphic below!

7 thoughts on “she lives on love street, lingers long on love street

  1. I don’t know how it is that I never found this blog until today, but I love it. And I love this post. (And the lyrical post titles…and the dog’s name….)

  2. I love this post. I’m new to your blog … will be back to read more when I find a little spare time. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

    • Thank you Zip! I like the photo blog posts, they give a little something extra. I will keep writing posts like this. Are you a blogger? The name doesn’t link anywhere.

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